Secretary's Announcements

November Rule update

The BFA Committee have continued to work through COVID-19 and have made some minor changes to the Rules of Racing.  The list of changes are below and are highlighted in the attached updated rules.


Addition:  The BFA aims to provide structure and governance to flyball activities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Rationale: to clarify the geographical jurisdiction of the BFA


A1 sections 6 and 7:

Consistency of the terminology used for foot and inch to ‘ and “ throughout theses sections


A2.5.3    Team members shall not be prohibited from training with other teams.

Rationale: Training between teams is to be encouraged to share good practice, no need for this rule to be in place.


A2.5.7      Dogs may compete for fun or the experience. In such cases, all heats in which they compete will be forfeited and none of the dogs in the Team will be awarded Flyball points.

Rationale:  This reads as if members are unable to have fun. There are other sections in the rules which determine when a team has withdrawn from competition and points will not be awarded


REMOVAL of sentence:

E1.1.1  The teams must actually compete.

Rationale: there are sections within the rules which stipulate when a team will not be awarded points


If you have any questions regarding the changes then please email