Secretary's Announcements

November Rule Changes

The BFA committee can now announce the November rule changes. These rules will come into effect from 1st November 2019. For your ease, the amendments, which are only minor, are briefly detailed in the following list and also highlighted in red in the attached version of the rules:

A1 1.8 - removal of the rule for the need for Tournament Organiser to indicate the amount of races a team might expect on their application for a tournament.

A1 3.1 - amended from 30 days before closing date to 7 days before schedule release

A1 4.10 - reference to cheque changed to payment

A1 5.5b - rule removed as referred to 4-team division

A1 6.4 - added clarity about the flyball ring being clearly identifiable

A2 4 - added reference to APES

A2 5.4 - added in that proof must be provided if prohibited from racing with a team within 6 months of a move

A2 8.1 - clarification of who should document on C2 when there is an iterference

A2 9 - clarifying boxloader role

B2 2.1 - clarifying HJ responsibility

B3 1.1 - correction of section of rules which exam is based upon, addition of supervision by at least three Head Judges and removal of HJ recommendation

B4 1.1 - removed reference to single side master sheet

Appendix 4 - addition of online forms

Appendix 9 - Disability Discrimination Policy added

Appendix 10 - Safeguarding Policy added