Secretary's Announcements

Newspaper Report

Yesterday, the Telegraph newspaper released a report which discusses the injury risk to Flyball dogs. The BFA believe this report to be massively biased and has no substantiated evidence and shows our sport in very poor light with no Flyball specific research having been done at all. The BFA are currently working with a PHD student and both the Hartpury and Writtle Universities to produce the first ever extensive study into the biomechanics of the Canine Athlete pertaining specifically to the sport of Flyball. This study is the largest and most substantive ever done concerning our sport and will in fact overshadow this poor effort reported by the Telegraph which studied less than 40 dogs which had already been injured. Whilst the study does involve a lot of physical data gathering, there are two specific surveys pertaining to both dogs that have never been injured and those that have been injured during their sporting career (injury not necessarily Flyball related). For anyone with an interest in the sport and would like to help set the record straight, please could we ask you to complete both surveys as appropriate in order that this data can be included as part of the ongoing, professional, scientific and fact-based study. The BFA Committee Part 1 For Dogs that have never been injured that take part in Flyball Part 2 For dogs that have sustained injury during their Flyball career (but not nessasarily related to).