Secretary's Announcements

Membership Renewals 2019

Please note the following changes regarding membership fees and renewals.

Renewal Period
The renewal period has been changed to 2 months prior to the date of renewal being due. There
have been many issues regarding unrenewed members racing in January due to confusion
surrounding membership renewal. Therefore, membership renewals will be available from early
November and renewals must be completed prior to 31st December each year to avoid the £10
late fee. There will no longer be a grace period. The membership forms have been updated
accordingly. We will advise members when renewals are open.

Membership fees
We have amended the membership fees for 2019, and also included a new category following
feedback from the membership.
New memberships fees for 2019 as follows:
Single membership £20 (inc VAT)
Adult and 1 child £25 (inc VAT)
Joint membership £30 (inc VAT)
Family membership (2 adults and all under 18s in one household) £35 (inc VAT)
We have also made changes to the sliding scale applied to new memberships and this is now on
a scale quarterly rather than monthly.
New application forms will be available to download from the website.

Members Renewal Details
This year we’re asking for members to provide some additional details compared to the renewal
process last year – namely date of birth and current team.

The indication of a member’s current team is to help ensure the members database is as
up to date as possible. The Committee would like to take this opportunity to once again
remind the membership that they should be informing Pat Wadby the membership
secretary ( of any changes of team for both themselves
and/or their dogs, in a timely manner.
DOB is required with regards to age-based eligibility for voting rights and various judging
and ring party duties.


Email addresses
Where possible, all BFA members should have a unique email address. This is more important
for adult members with voting rights, and with a view to the added functionality soon to be added
to the website surrounding members logging in to their own accounts. The practice of shared
email addresses for more than one member should be becoming the exception, rather than the
The creation of a free email account is quick and very simple to do. Gmail is one well known and
widely used provider (though others are available) - you can set up a gmail address by clicking
on this link

Team Registration Retention
In order to retain active status for each Primary Team Name/TRN (and all Secondary Team
Names associated with it), we have also added a nominal fee of £1 that Team Captains will need
to pay, for each and every Primary TRN that they wish to keep active. The renewal screen will
ask if you are a team captain – and for those that indicate yes, an autocomplete box will appear
for the name of the team(s) that you would like to keep active for the coming year.

Captain’s Sign In
From the 1st December, Captains will gain the ability to log in to the website and view which of
their team members have renewed. Further announcements with more details will be made
about this closer to the time.


Finally, please can we remind all members to be careful when entering details such as BFA
number and email address. There were several incidences last year when members had
entered the incorrect BFA number and hence their membership was not marked as renewed.


The link for membership renewals will be posted once final tests have been completed.