Chairperson's Announcements

Margaret Greaves Cruelty Convictions

22nd June 2017


On Tuesday, Margaret Greaves pleaded guilty to four charges of animal cruelty and two charges of breach of Duty of Care, and as a result she was given a 12 week suspended prison sentence and banned from keeping or assisting the keeping of dogs for life. The offences all related to the living conditions and care for the dogs (and other animals) whilst in Greaves' home.

Greaves had been a member of the British Flyball Association for 18 years and has not previously been the subject of a complaint about the care of her dogs.

Following this conviction, the British Flyball Association has acted swiftly and unequivocally to permanently ban her from any involvement in BFA Flyball.

The British Flyball Association holds dog welfare as of paramount importance. The BFA condemns cruelty, abuse and neglect of dogs, or any animals, in the strongest possible terms and we in no way tolerate such abhorrent actions.

The Mansfield Marnicks teams have been de-registered, meaning they will cease to exist as an active team. They will no longer be able to race, and nor will they be able to host any tournaments.

On behalf of the BFA Committee, BFA Chair Sharon Allcorn strongly condemned Greaves’ actions: "The BFA’s thousands of diverse members share at their very core, a passionate care for the wellbeing of their dogs. We have acted to ensure Margaret Greaves is prevented from taking any part in BFA Flyball ever again, and we condemn her actions in the strongest possible terms.”


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