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Juddy's Blog

Wow, what a weekend of flyball that was at Crufts this year! With that excitement out of the way for another 12 months there's still loads of BFA flyball to look forward to and it's setting out to be a packed year ahead. In the run up to Easter there's a lot to get through to help shape how the BFA will look and operate this year. Committee elections and the AGM are both really important fixtures in the flyball calender and I hope you can find time to get engaged and help shape the future of your sport. Elections for the 3 slots coming up on the Committee this year are now open and it couldn't be easier to cast your vote using google forms, literally takes a couple of minutes and can be done from any device. Thanks to all those who have volunteered to stand, it means a lot to us that you are willing to spend so much of your free time with the rest of us! It's great that once again there is a vote, it shows that we continue to thrive as an association, but this does mean there will be someone who doesn't get on and, whoever that is, please try again, we need comitted volunteers to continue to steer this great association.

Next up will be the AGM on 2 April, once again held via Zoom. Please note that this is 2 days after the membership renewals deadline and you will need to be a current member to access the Zoom. As in previous years, voting on the proposals will be live at the AGM, so you will need to be in attendance if you wish to vote. Any particualrly close votes will be re-opened for voting by the whole membership by google forms after the AGM but the reality is the votes are nearly always definitive one way or the other. The proposals will be shared on BFAMO prior to the AGM so please raise any issues or questions about them beforehand so the proposers can be prepared as best they can for discussion at the AGM.

We are then into Easter and the following week we have the BFA Regional Champs at Bath Showground. We are trialling a new concept at this tournament that will allow us to crown regional champions from any region represented at this show or at the Molten Magnets show at Naseby the same weekend - as well as the normal RR divisional competition at each location, all entries will be competing against all oher BFA teams racing at a show that same weekend to be granted bragging rights in their region for the following year - you have to be in it to win - details to follow.

We are also introducing an exciting new format for the BFA Champs this year, which we are confident will generate fair, exciting racing for everyone with every division having a final race showdown to decide the winner. Hopefully you are as excited about a full season's worth of flyball racing as the Committe are - I wouldn't say we are getting back to normal as everything changes, but the new normal is going to be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever and you are absolutely crucial to our association's success this year, and after what you've just seen at Crufts, why wouldn't you be rushing to enter shows right now?