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Juddy's Blog

2021 done. Hope you all had a wonderful festive period. Thank you all for your continued support to your amazing association; your efforts of these past couple of years has put the BFA in a really strong position to launch into an awesome 2022. This is the year flyballers! so much to look forward to and be positive about. 3 months free membership for a start, please don't renew until you see details posted some time in February. Loads of shows already filling up the diary, so lots of opportunities for all those new dogs making their way through the foundation layers of their fyball careers to shine, show off your training and impress us all over the next 12 months. With one qualifier still to go, the BFA has loads of teams that have already qualified and will once again will be front and centre of the Crufts flyball showpiece. We will finally get round to running a BFA Regional Championship in April, and the BFA have a really strong representation at the FCI Flyball World Championships in Belgium in May. On the same weekend the BFA have also partnered up with Goodwoof, another inaugural event delayed by covid, which has the ambition and backing to become one of the biggest events in the UK dog calendar and the BFA are right in there at the start of their journey. We expect to see the numbers back up for the flagship events in August at the Indoor and Outdoor Championships, with a new look, including Speed Trials for all and the inclusion of Foundation events to make the event inclusive for everyone regardless of the what stage of their flyball journey they are on. We are developing enduring relationships with kit suppliers and sponsors and are in partnership with a production company to hopefully get the BFA onto mainstream TV soon. We have new lights on the way by the end of the year to ensure consistent racing experience wherever you go. Lastly, can I encourage everyone to engage with our academic study into the physiology of the flyball dog, this is a game changer, with nothing this in-depth having been done in any dog sport before; the results will have an enduring benefit to the enitre flyball community around the world, the link to the first survey is below. 

An amazing year ahead of us, so much to look forward to and be positive about so encourage your teamies and friends come renewal time, 2022 is going to be epic - I am really looking forward to seeing you all in the lanes again soon, with seasoned competitors and new dogs alike; I can't wait to see what surprises there are in store! Happy New Year to you all.