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Juddy's Blog

As we start to wind down into our winter flyball routines, now is probably a good time to both reflect on what was a challenging and covid-shortened season of flyball, as well as look ahead to the opportunities that lie ahead of us for 2022 and beyond. To help us do this together, as a community of flyballers, the commiteee have arranged for an online 'Town Hall' style zoom webinar on November 6. We would love to hear your views but you will need to pre-register to join us on the day.

With virtually no flyball in 2020, the 2021 season effectively saw 2 AGMs worth of updates implemented in one year and flyballers would have seen an unprecedented amount of change and a flyball season unlike any other. The committee update is a great opportunity to look back on what we achieved together and take stock of what went well, what didn't go so well, and what might need a bit of tinkering before we head into next season. The committee need to start planning in detail how future seasons are going to look and use our experiences this year to shape our flagship events going forward into 2022, 2023 and beyond. There's lots to discuss, whether it's looking at de-coupling the Indoor and Outdoor Champs; Speed Trials for everyone; continuing to include foundation events at the Champs; whether its better for the BFA AGM to be in November rather than April; or whether we should move the membership renewals process from 1 January to de-link it from the financial and time pressures of the Xmas holidays. Your contribution to these debates is invaluable. The online update starts at 1000, will be 45 minutes or so of committee updates rolling into a Q&A open forum; 2 hours tops, and we will record it for those that can't make it. It would be great to hear as many voices as possible so please check out the pre-registration link on BFAMO. We are really looking forward to seeing and hearing as many of you as possible on 6 November, even if its only digitally.