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Juddy's Blog

One Festival done, one to go. And what a start we had. An amazing Indoor Festival that showed us all exactly what we have been missing. We tried some different formats, introducing Singles and Pairs and Foundation flyball all of which provided opportunities for everyone to be included and is something we will think about as we plan for future Championship events. Speed trials for everyone made for some incredibly close racing in the Round Robin and significantly reduced the amount of break-outs eliminating teams from the competition, and is so something that will need considering for future events. This year's Indoor Festival also threw up the most fiercely fought Division 1 in memory with only 0.37 seconds separating the fastest team from the slowest, and just 0.11 seconds between 2nd and 5th fastest - just imagine running your club record15.36 seconds and still being the slowest team in the division! A time of 16.31 in the Speed Trials saw Critically-Extreme racing in Div 3! Just shows what great strength in depth the BFA has with so many clubs being able to compete at the very highest level; literally anyone in any division could have won. But it's not all about speed and special mention must go to Wicked, winners of Division 10, the slowest of the divisions and worthy winners of the new Betty Potts trophy, she would have been super proud I'm sure (and although it's not about speed, it is worth mentioning that the slowest division was won with a time of 20.43, highlighting just how much all our BFA teams have come on with their training and how competitive all the divisions were. Hope everyone who attended had a great time and we are looking forward to seeing everyone else at Driffield over the coming days. As we look to the Outdoor Festival, final words must go to congratulating High Flyers for winning that super-tight Division 1, some great racing and worthy winners - congratulations High Flyers. Juddy