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Juddy's Blog

6 months ago we really didn't know whether there was any possibility of a summer celebration of flyball but we pressed ahead with planning and preparations anyway, knowing full well it could all of been in vain; but here we are, on the eve of the biggest flyball event in Europe this year, vaccines are rolling ahead, covid is in retreat, and the sun is out (occassionally!), and it is such an exciting feeling. It has been an amazing achievement from a small bunch of incredibly dedicated, hard working, and innovative people and I'm so proud to be working with them. The BFA Committee have had to work far harder than ever before to make sure these 2 summer festivals could go ahead, knock backs and road blocks were a constant as the country staggered its way out of lockdown, but they have put together what will be 2 incredibly fun and enjoyable celebations of flyball. Even so, these events would be nothing without the BFA teams, the membership and your dogs, as it is you who will make these events memorable and I am so pleased so many of you have taken advantage of the opportunity to join your community on the road back to normality (whatever that is!). Regardless of whatever stage you are on on your own journey out of lockdown, with nearly 50 divisions of flyball over the next 2 weekends, there's something for everyone at the 2 BFA Festivals, foundations, singles, pairs and regular open teams racing, and we are so looking forward to seeing you all, reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and sharing in the achievements and celebrations that are long overdue. 

Covid is in rereat but it is still with us, please respect each other and social distancing, play safe, but most of all have fun and enjoy the freedom we now have to enjoy your dogs and your flyball.

I hope you all achieve everything you are aiming for, and look forward to seeing you over the course of the next 2 weeks, sharing some new flyball memories, and maybe a glass or two of something....