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Flyball Box working group

Committee Annuncement
As part of AOB at the recent AGM it was agreed that the Committee would assemble a working group to look at Flyball boxes.
Submitted by Dave Anderson BFA Number 5034 – Box Specifications Working Group.

I would like to propose that the committee appoint a working group to review section A2. 7.1 of the rules, which covers the specification for Flyball Boxes. The specification has changed recently to increase the size of the box, but the remainder of the s...pecification is outdated and does not really take into account the variety of different boxes teams are using. Terms within the specification are generalised and subjective for example "Each team shall supply its own Flyball box, which should be safe and fit for the purpose intended." It is left to the team/box builder to decide what is safe and fit for the purpose, if as an organisation we are truly concerned about the safety of our dogs then surely we should be saying what is safe. My reason for asking for a working group is that developing a set of rules/standards to control box design and safety is a complex process which shouldn't be rushed. Many teams/box builders are developing their boxes at a very fast pace and I believe a level of control is needed to protect our dogs. A working group could be given a remit to provide an outline specification/proposal for the committee. Specific items which I feel are relevant and the committee may wish to include in the remit are:- 1 The requirement for a box to fire 24" and how the distance is measured. 2 The way a box is loaded in a test and what ball is used. 3 There is no tolerance built into the specification on box size. 4 Whether a safety limit on the maximum/minimum of the incline on the box should be included in the specification.
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5. The possibility of an in individual box accreditation/registration scheme. A discussion ensued about this item and there was support in the room. Several members showed an interest in this working group and the committee advised that they would form a working party and request expressions of interest from members in the near future.

Please could those members interested in being part of this working group apply by email to
In this email please include what you feel you can offer to this project.