Secretary's Announcements

Constitution update version 2

Following constructive feedback and taking on board suggestions from BFA members, the Rules Working Party and Committee have worked together over the last few days on a revised constitution.

Please see attached version 2 of the proposed constitution alongside the BFA Rules of Racing. For ease of understanding the changes made to the constitution are highlighted in yellow. We did not create a summary of changes initially as this is a brand new layout and we felt it was important for the membership to read and understand how the whole new document is laid out rather than just the changes themselves.

The reason we are doing the electronic vote before the AGM is for practical reasons and bearing in mind the intention of the rules. The membership vote being the key part of any changes. If we submitted this as a proposal for the AGM and it is voted in, then any other rule proposals to change the same rules would become null and void.

To allow BFA members enough time to read through this new version in full we have now moved the vote to open Friday 2nd March and close Midnight Thursday the 8th March. This will have a slight affect on the date for proposals and committee nominations but this will be clarified and updated in a separate post.