Secretary's Announcements

Constitution & Rules of Racing Proposal

As per our previous announcement on the 14th Feb in regards to the proposed change to the structure of our rules please see the attached Constitution & Rules of Flyball Racing.

The Constitution and Rules of Flyball racing have now been separated. What this means is that the constitution which provides the Association's foundation remains in place. The Rules for Flyball Racing will be open for proposals and a membership vote each year.

The constitution underpins the BFA's philosophy and ethos.
It ensures that these remain unchanged, allowing the BFA to grow and evolve, without losing the fundamental elements that the creation of the BFA originated from

Please read through the proposed changes and then cast your vote as to whether or not you agree with this proposal. The vote will be open on 26th February until 5th March you will receive an email with the details on how to vote.

Thank you to those that took the time to complete the recent poll as to who is attending the AGM. The numbers expected to attend show that Wythall is not suitable so we have another venue approximately 15 miles away, that we are in the process of finalising. The address and further details will be released soon.