Secretary's Announcements

Constitution and Rules of Racing June 2023

Please find the updated Constitution and rules of Racing which come into effect on 1st June 2023.

It is clear there is a great deal of concern about the rule change which has been voted through at the recent AGM regarding the covering of boxes.


Rule 3.3 of the constitution provides that rule changes should come into force on 1st June. However the same rule allows for the committee to change this date for dog welfare changes. Although the rule change should make our dogs safer when racing, a poorly implemented or rushed box change can also be detrimental to their safety and put them at risk even though unintended.


The committee has decided in accordance with rule 3.3 to delay the implementation of the rule change to 30th June to allow teams time to discuss and make the necessary changes in the best way possible. we will be working with the judges board and box working group in the next few days to provide support for teams and head judges. We will issue this guidance as soon as possible.