Secretary's Announcements

Committee Updates

Thank you to all members for your patience at this difficult time. Since Co opting the 3 new committee members we have prioritsied our workload accordingly and are aiming to bring outstanding items to a conclusion at the earliest oppurtunity. There are many issues we cannot discuss publicly but please rest assured we are all working hard to move forward. We have prepared a few updates as below. Measuring update. The work on the database is continuing and we are hoping to have a new master list available shortly. A new c9 form is now available on the website, which includes the temporary email address. All emailed copies should be sent to the new email address Please use this email address for all height card queries. For anyone wishing to apply for the role of height card administrator please send details of interest and relevant experience to Tony James BFA secretary We are in the process of advertising for the outstanding BFA official roles as listed below - Veterinary Advisor Disability Access Lights Co ordinator Dave Long ( Nuneaten Flyers) has kindly offered to take on the role as the lights co ordinator in the interim. There is a designated email address for the lights co ordinator. Please send all requests for BFA lights and queries to We are still awaiting the EGM minutes to be signed off and have made enquiries to have these available very soon. As per the EGM vote, investigations have commenced and remain confidential. It has been brought to our attention that there have been offensive comments made on social media about BFA officials and members. This is a reminder that abusive and offensive comments are not acceptable, both within the BFA nor within society. We would ask that all members are polite and respectful when communicating with each other, as per The BFA Code of Ethics 1.2 (a) Regards Will Whiteley for and on behalf of the BFA Committee