Secretary's Announcements

Committee Nominations Update

Following the announcement about the committee nominations on Friday, it has come to light that a 6th Committee nomination was submitted. 
This nomination was emailed to the BFA Secretary on the 15th of January, prior to the formal nomination period opening, who responded stating - incorrectly - that the nomination would be put forward for the vote. 
This was therefore incorrectly accepted and confirmed at the time, and this exchange was not communicated to the rest of the Committee.
As a result of this oversight, the 6th nomination was not included in the official nomination process by the closing date or indeed the results that were subsequently published. 
Given the severity of this error, the remainder of the BFA Committee have accepted Tony James' resignation, both from the role of BFA Secretary and from the Committee itself. 
Correspondingly, he has also withdrawn his nomination for election to the Committee for another term.

We would like to sincerely thank Tony James for his time, commitment and hard work throughout his tenure as a BFA Committee member and as Secretary, and we wish him all the best for the future.

We’d like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to the nominated Committee Candidates and the BFA Membership for the confusion and upset that this error may have caused

Taking into account the resignation of Tony James and the acceptance of the additional Committee nomination, given the assurances that were given upon it's submission that it would be taken forward through the nomination process, the updated list of Committee Candidates is as follows:

Craig Burrows 
Justin Shearing 
Rachel Short 
Jenni Wallace
Will Whiteley

As you can see, this still means 5 nominations were received for 5 Committee positions so there remains no need for an ERS vote. The Candidates have all been informed and we welcome them onto the new 2018 BFA Committee.

In the interim between now and the AGM, Rachel Short will be taking up the role of BFA Secretary. To contact her, and for any official business, please use