Secretary's Announcements

Committee Nominations 2020

Nominations for the Committee can be made from Sunday 16th February 2020. The closing date for nominations is Sunday 1st March 2020.
In accordance with the BFA Constitution anyone wishing to be nominated for election to a position on the committee will need to meet the following essential criteria:
1. Have been an active member of a BFA registered team and regularly competed at BFA sanctioned tournaments for a minimum of 3 years at the time of election.
2. Have been in attendance at at least 1 AGM in the last 3 years.
3. Have not been guilty of a disciplinary offence under BFA rules in the last 5 years.
4. Be independent of all other committee members (not related or at same club).
Being a BFA committee member is a demanding but hugely rewarding role. The requirements of the role though have occasionally taken people by surprise and prospective committee members should therefore note the following:
There is no pay or remuneration, although reasonable expenses are paid.
Committee members are required to be in attendance at the BFA AGM (April), both Championship events (Indoor and Outdoor, August) and Face-2-Face weekend committee meetings (Sat/Sun) every 3-4 months.
However, most committee business is done remotely as members are spread all over the country, so committee members need to be proficient with standard IT systems, communication methods and modern ways of collaborative working. The committee hold weekly evening Skype meetings and correspond electronically on a daily basis.
Each committee member takes on responsibility as liaison for one or more of the BFA officials and is responsible for the output of that area of the association.
Should anyone want further information on the requirements, and joys, of being a BFA committee member, please feel free to contact any one of us at any time.
Those wishing to be nominated are reminded that they need to be nominated by a current member, and the nomination seconded by another current member. If an election is necessary, then all voting members will be balloted. The result of the ballot and the successful new committee members will be announced at the AGM. The first meeting of the new committee will be on Sunday 5th April, if you are unable to make this meeting it does not mean you cannot be nominated for a position.
The google form for committee nominations will be active from 9am on Sunday 16th February 2020 and will close to nominations at 10pm on Sunday 1st March 2020.
The vote for committee members, if required, will be from 19th March to 26th March 2020 (subject to confirmation from ERS).