Secretary's Announcements

Committee Announcements and Reminders

On the back of what we hope was another great weekend's racing for everyone, the Committee has a number of important announcements and reminders to make:

- The rule changes voted in at this years AGM come into effect from this Thurs, 1st June, and as a quick (but not comprehensive) reminder, this includes the changes to full height (12"), the maximum permissable size of boxes (30" x 20" 30"), and the the minimum age for a final measure (24 months). We strongly encourage everyone to read through the amended rule book, which is available now on the website under downloads.

- To clarify regarding the minimum age for a final measure, the rule-change is not retrospective - that is to say if you have a dog that has already had 3 measures the same and meets all the other criteria and it was between 24-30 months at the time of it's last measure, IT WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY GET A HEIGHT CARD ISSUED AND IT WILL STILL NEED TO GET ANOTHER MEASURE DONE AFTER THE 1ST JUNE.

- We are pleased to formally announce that the constitution of the Committee for the coming year is as follows; Sharon Allcorn continues as the BFA Chair, Val Currie continues as the BFA Treasurer and Tony James continues as the BFA Secretary. They of course will be ably supported by the other Committee members, Tony Cain, Darryl Ogden, David Murdoch, Ali Kirk and the newly elected Shian Corley and Katie Burns. Ali Kirk also takes on the role of BFA Webmaster from the long-serving(/suffering?) Ray Lewis - and a heartfelt and sincere thank you goes out to Ray for all his efforts and hard work over the years! It's safe to say the Association wouldn't be where we are today without him.

- In an effort to reduce an increase in the number of registered primary teams that have never raced, the Committee have taken the decision to increase the Team Registration Fee - from it's current (and unchanged since it's introduction) £5 to £10 + VAT (£12). 

- There have been some changes to some of the Regional Reps - Maria Casley has been appointed to the Southern Home Counties region and we wish her all the very best in that role. Regretfully, Kristian Allcorn has decided to step down as RR for the Northern Home Counties region and we thank him whole-heartedly for everything he's done there. This therefore means that there are vacancies for the the Northern Home Counties region, and the still vacant South Coast region - East and West Sussex and Kent. More details for these and the application process will be made available separately.

If you have any comments, concerns or issues with any of the above, please contact the committee via email.

Happy racing!