Chairperson's Announcements

Co-opted Committee Members

First and foremost, we would like to thank all those members who attended the EGM.
The minutes of the meeting will be published, once they have been received and signed off by the independent chair.
Whilst some very evocative and contentious issues have been engulfing the BFA of late, we now need to try and draw a line under the events of Sunday and focus on moving the BFA forward.
We therefore ask that anymore constructive comments regarding the EGM are now emailed to the EGM email address

Following the resignation on Sunday of Darryl Ogden, Tony Cain and Shian Corley, and the outcome of the vote in selecting option one as the choice of the majority (345-308) we are pleased to announce that in Rachel Short, Jenni Wallace and Will Whiteley, we have successfully co opted three experienced BFA members and head judges to join the committee.
Moving forward, we will be continuing the work on the official height database. Part of this will include appointing a new height card administrator, as we look to fill this and several other current vacancies within the association. More information will be included in specific announcements in due course.
Work around the rules, in preparation for the AGM, will also be undertaken.
Anyone with an interest in helping with this is asked to please contact Tony James, BFA secretary