Secretary's Announcements

Championship Logo Competition


Planning ahead to next year's Championships, we are looking for all budding designers and artists within the BFA to design a logo to represent the 2018 Championships. Not only will the winning logo be on all the merchandising for the events the winning designer will get a champs hoodie or a fleece in a colour of their own choice. 

The logo needs to be for both indoor and outdoor Championships. 
The image needs to be of a high resolution as it needs to be replicated on everything from the glass block awards, mugs, t shirts and the back of a hoodie. 
Designers need to consider that the logo will need to also be replicated into embroidery as well as print. 
The orientation of the logo needs to be considered, either prortrait or square designs do work the best for the glass awards. 

Competition is open for entries with a closing date of 31st January 2018.
The Committee will decide the winner.
Copyright of the winning logo will belong to the BFA. 

Entries must be sent to the 2018 Champs email which is

So if you have some spare time over the festive period, dust off those crayons and happy drawing.

Good luck everyone