Secretary's Announcements

BFA VIPER Update 22 February 2021

With the news of Boris Johnson and the Government’s plan to set out the 4 stage road map to get England out of lockdown, we thought it prudent to update you as to where the BFA is at and offer some guidance to assist you with your training, as and when restrictions ease within your geographic area. (Hopefully devolved Government areas will also update us as to their status in the coming days.)
As it stands currently, and very much dependant on nationwide data on COVID cases, the Government has announced that groups of 6 people, or two families, can meet outside from the 29th of March 2021 in England.
This will then update, again if data permits, to groups of 30 outdoors and 6 indoors from 17th of May 2021 (at the earliest). However, as stated this is subject to data so not certain at this stage.
With this potentially positive news on the horizon we thought it would be a good idea to publish our updated training guidance and risk assessments for you to use as and when you plan to return with your teammates to flyball training.
The Committee have a meeting later this week and will officially update you all further once we have the full U.K. picture. Hopefully, this latest news is the beginning of our journey back to regular flyball competing throughout the entire country. We are excited to share our plans for 2021 and continue to work tirelessly for you to ensure the BFA’s stability and security for the future.
Note: We will continue to review how this affects upcoming tournaments, including both Championships, and will update you all as soon as possible.