Chairperson's Announcements


Following the English government's announcement this evening that the final restrictions for lockdown will not now be fully lifted on 21 June, we expect the membership to have a few questions. We would like to remind members that the reason the BFA did not sanction shows following the previous easing of restrictions on 17 May was because up until that point teams would have had no opportunity to properly train as a flyball team; we delayed sanctioning to after 21 June to allow teams time to train. We are happy that flyball shows can safely proceed under the current set of restrictions which may now be in place until 19 July.
There are some considerations with regard to social distancing which are now still valid which may have not been considered by Tournament Organisers or competing members anticipating all restrictions to be lifted on 21 June. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to signpost the following guidance which has previously been made available for members and TOs and are available from the website (Blog).
  • COVID Risk Assessment Template.
  • Guidance for Covid Adaptations for Flyball Racing.
The use of both of these documents will allow TOs to put a few simple measures in place to ensure the conduct of their shows complies with current covid safety regulations. With normal social distancing remaining in place for a few weeks yet we would suggest the following additional considerations:
  • Keep people in and around the ring to a minimum. You can run a flyball race effectively with just 17 people. If more than 4 dogs are on the team sheet, those not running can stand away from the ring. The scribe does not need to be sat in the ring to fulfil their duties.
  • Set racing lanes to the maximum distance apart, as local conditions allow.
  • Have a one-way system into and out of the ring.
  • Do not do traditional presentations. Allow teams to collect their rosettes, one person from each team, and do it separately at the end of each division, there is no requirement to wait until the end of the day.
  • There is no requirement for the TO to offer refreshments.
  • Ensure there is 2m between each of your camping units.
  • If flyballers have access to their own toilet, please use it rather than a Portaloo.
  • When conducting dog measuring, if the dog can only be handled by it's owner, masks should be worn.
The aforementioned BFA Guidance for covid-adapted flyball provides full details on all the relevant considerations.
Given the ongoing requirement for social distancing and covid safety, in order to retain their sanctioned status, TOs are to submit their completed covid Risk Assessment to the BFA Secretary prior to the tournament taking place.
Members are reminded that all TOs have already had a comprehensive Zoom meeting with the BFA committee about all the relevant considerations for the return of flyball over the summer. Should anyone have any specific questions or concerns we ask that you please e-mail the BFA Secretary. If there are a lot of questions the BFA will issue a Frequently Asked Questions on covid safety on BFAMO.
We look forward to seeing you all in the lanes very soon; especially at the BFA Flyball Festivals in August where can all get together and celebrate Great British Flyball in style - Schedule out 22 June.