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BFA vacancies

Do you want to be an integral part of the BFA’s 25th Anniversary?
The BFA Committee have several vacancies for BFA officials and support within the association.
The BFA is an entirely volunteer run association and relies on the dedication and commitment of its members to fill these vital roles. The officials community is a friendly and supportive network which provides essential services to maintain the smooth functioning of the Association, whilst being a really rewarding experience.
If you would like to become part of the BFA officials community then read on for further information about the positions available.
Media Team
The BFA committee established a media and marketing team in 2018 and their work has been instrumental in increasing the positive way in which flyball is promoted. The team work incredibly hard to maintain the profile of the BFA and the BFA committee are now inviting members to join the team. We are always investigating ways to improve internal and external communications and how to promote the BFA flyball in a positive and innovative way. If you are interested in joining the team then please email for further information and a job description.
Judges Board
The BFA Committee is inviting applications from members who would be interested in being on the Judges Board. Applicants must be a BFA Qualified Judge and have a solid understanding of the BFA rules. Members who are interested and would like further information and a job description should email
Regional Representatives
The BFA have vacancies for the following regions:
• South Coast - East and West Sussex and Kent
• Humberside, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire
Each regional representative will be responsible for their designated area. The primary purposes of the Regional Representatives will be to assist those who are new to flyball as a sport and those who have some experience of flyball but wish/require further assistance in starting a new team, hosting tournaments.
All representatives will have the on-going support of the Regional Rep Liaison; Jenni Wallace, communications within the regional rep community will be key to making the most success of this role and offering the best service to the BFA community. If you would like further details regarding the role, including a job description, please email
Please send all applications by email to including an explanation of what skills and experience you believe make you suitable for the relevant position.
Closing date for all vacancies is Friday 12th April 2019