Secretary's Announcements

BFA Dog Points & Awards

The long enforced lay-off from flyball due to covid might present us with an opportunity to refresh the BFA Dog Points and Awards system. The enforced lay-off removes the rationale of continuity, familiarity and comparison for keeping what we have always had. With dogs having no racing for a whole year, historical comparisons and our traditional benchmarks for the progression of a flyball dog throughout it's racing career are now less meaningful. The committee would therefore like to gauge the level of interest in the current membership for taking this opportunity to refresh how we recognise our dog's achievements in flyball and perhaps make our system more contemporary and reflective of what the membership now want. For example, during lockdown we have a lot of enquiries about retirment awards, which we currently don't do, but we could reduce the number of milestone awards to fund that as an idea?Why does a faster dog get more points than a slower dog who works just as hard? is another common debate in flyball camps. Well now is your chance to have your voice heard. This is a really short survey so please take 10 minutes to give us your view. The survey will be open for a full week and will close on 26th February. Follow this link: