Secretary's Announcements

BFA Award Names


The membership voted to amend the structure of the BFA Awards and Certificates at this year's AGM and the new system will go live with effect 1 June. There was some discussion at the AGM about the naming convention for the new awards and it was agreed that the membership should decide. The Committee have come up with a few proposals to consider as a strater, but are happy to consider any other appropriate options that the memebrship might suggest. The final decision will be put to an online vote. The Committee suggested options are:

1. Keep similar to current list; FD, FDI & FDA for certificates, Gold, Ice Blue Moon, Chica Chicana & Belle Star for awards

2. Follow Anniversary stones; FD, FDA and Bronze, for certificates, Silver, Pearl, Ruby and Gold for awards
3. Olympic based theme; FD, FDI, and FDA for certificates, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum for awards
We are happy to include any other appropriate suggestions and the membership are requetsed to submit any of their own ideas by email to email by 28 May 21. The Committee will then publish a simple online Google Form for a vote by the membership on what they would prefer, the following week. Results will be published prior to the commencement of racing on 21 June.