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BFA AGM Agenda 2019

The BFA Committee have produced the agenda for this year's AGM to be held at Lode Heath School, Lode Lane, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 2HW on Saturday 6th April 2019. Please note that only those adult members who renewed their membership prior to the AGM vote being announced will be eligible to vote, this is because we needed to inform ERS of the eligible voting membership in advance. To clarify, this year only adult members who had renewed their membership on or before 12th February 2019 are eligible to vote. Only items and proposals contained or pertaining to the issues on the Agenda will be discussed during the AGM. There will be time restrictions applied to each proposal discussion due to the amount of proposals to be discussed. We intend to ensure that all members have sufficient opportunity to be involved in the discussions.

Discussion topics will begin on the BFA Members Only 2019 and Regional Representatives facebook pages. Please keep all comments in line with the Social Media Policy.
It would be appreciated if all members would carefully consider the implications of all the proposals, bringing a clear understanding of each item and an informed idea of their voting intentions. No major amendments to these proposals can be permitted at the AGM. Please bring your own copy of the Agenda to the meeting.

Every member who attends in person at the AGM must vote in person, if they are eligible, and will NOT receive an electronic vote.

We look forward to an active and constructive debate on your proposals for improvements to the rules as we take the BFA forward through our 25th anniversary year and beyond.

Please send any items for Any Other Business (AOB) to the BFA Secretary by Tuesday 2nd  April 2019 at the email address below.
Apologies should be sent, in advance, to the BFA Secretary by email at


NB:  an amended agenda was uploaded at 23.00hrs on 26/03/19 due to some omissions in proposers details.

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