Secretary's Announcements

AGM.Proposal Voting Opens

A reminder to all members that online voting for AGM proposals opens today. ERS are planning to send emails at 12 noon today, Friday 27th April. Voting will remain open until 12 noon on Wednesday 9th May. Please be patient if your email does not arrive immediately. Please note that the membership list has been cleansed since the constitution vote and members that didn't receive the email routinely should hopefully now receive. If you have any problems with the voting system, please contact ERS but please remember they will only respond Monday to Friday in normal working hours. If you voted at the AGM in person, you will NOT receive an online vote. If you have requested a postal vote, this should arrive in the next few days. The summary of all proposals including amendments following the AGM is included on the blog on the website. The combined wording for proposal 19 and 20 hasn't been amended so please look at the individual proposals only.