Secretary's Announcements

AGM Proposals 2017 - Online and Postal Vote

The Committee is pleased to announce that the On-line and Postal vote on the 2017 AGM Proposals will open tomorrow (Weds 12th April), and will close at 12pm (noon) on Wednesday, 26th April. All members eligible to vote in this ballot will, over the course of tomorrow, start to receive either an email or a postal voting pack.
Eligible members are those who had joined or renewed their 2017 membership before 2nd April, and who did not attend the AGM.
Please Note: as has been the case in the past, for joint and family memberships, the emails for different members will all go to the same email address associated with that membership.
The email will contain your personal security numbers and a link to your on-line ballot-paper. The postal pack will contain a hard-copy ballot paper, and instructions for how to vote on-line if you prefer to do so.
For the list of proposals and a summary of the points raised and discussed at the AGM, please click here. Please refer to this document when considering how to vote on each proposal.
Some of the proposals are linked in the instances where one change effects more than one rule. For the online vote in these cases, the proposals have been colour-coded to help members more readily link them together.
If you have any queries regarding this vote, please contact Electoral Reform Services (ERS) by email to or by phone to their helpline 020 8889 9203.
Tony James
BFA Secretary