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AGM Announcement

The Annual General Meeting of the British Flyball Association will be held on Saturday, 2nd April 2022, by Zoom webinar, to commence at 10:00 AM
Note: The meeting will be limited to business on the published agenda.
The Committee is pleased to announce that it will be taking nominations for the Committee and proposals for agenda items as detailed below.
Nominations for the Committee can be made from Thursday 17th February 2022.
Those wishing to be nominated are reminded that they must be current members and meet the criteria detailed in rule 5.1, including at least 3 years’ experience in the Association and must have attended at least one AGM. They need to be nominated by a current member, and the nomination seconded by another current member, ideally from members outside of the nominees team. If an election is necessary, then all voting members will be balloted. The result of the ballot and the successful new committee members will be announced at the AGM. The first meeting of the new committee will be on Sunday 3rd April 2022, if you are unable to make this meeting it does not mean you cannot be nominated for a position.
The closing date for Nominations is Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 8pm.
Proposals for agenda items can be made from Thursday 17th February 2022.
Those wishing to submit a proposal for an agenda item are reminded that proposals will not be published in advance of the agenda. This is to give time for the wording to be checked and to ensure consistency throughout the rules, as well as suggesting any appropriate changes to the proposer(s).
The closing date for agenda items is Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 8pm.
The agenda will be published as soon as is possible after this date and not less than 10 days prior to the AGM.
Once the agenda is published the Committee would like to encourage open discussion regarding proposed rule changes – through the BFA Members Only page on Facebook and through the Facebook pages set up by the Regional Reps.
At the AGM, those members attending will be given the opportunity to debate the proposals, and to listen to the discussions both for and against each proposed rule change. Following the debate each rule will be taken to a vote of the voting members present at the meeting.
Voting for agenda items will once again be limited to those in attendance at the AGM. There will be no vote following the AGM.
When writing proposals, members are encouraged to liaise with their Regional Rep, with Head Judges and other experienced members. Members are reminded that when making proposals and discussing and debating them they must always consider the Association and sport as a whole, rather than just an individual team, member or dog.
Please note: the Google forms are currently turned off but will be activated on the dates specified for committee nominations and agenda items.


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