Secretary's Announcements

AGM Announcement

  In the 24th year of the BFA the rule book has seen many changes and has become a little disjointed and difficult to follow. The membership have highlighted on many occcasions that several rules are open to interpretation.

In an effort to rectify this, on the 1st of November 2017, the Committee appointed a rules working group from volunteers within the membership. The members that came forward provided a wide variety of skills and professional experience.

Their first recommendation is that the administration and structure of the Association should be separated from the rule book, so in essence there should be a constitution for the Association and a restructured rule book for Flyball racing. The current Committee has embraced this recommendation and see it as the best way of not only preserving what the BFA stands for, but more importantly it will give the Association a stable foundation from which to build a strong future for it’s members. In addition, this will help to safeguard the Association and its membership against a repeat of the events in 2017.

The proposed restructured rulebook and constitution will be available for the membership to view on the 22nd February and there will be a membership vote on accepting this proposal before the AGM announcement on the 7th March. If voted in the constitution and the restructured rule book will come into force on the 21st April before the AGM. This will allow for members proposals in relation to the rules of Flyball racing to be submitted for this year's AGM with the membership able to discuss and vote on them as normal.

Key dates

22nd February 2018 - Launch of Constitution and revised Rule book

26th February to 5th March 2018 - Voting period

7th March 2018 - AGM announcement.

7th March to 22nd March 2018 - Submission of proposals and nominations for Committee.

29th March to 9th April 2018 - Voting for Committee members.

10th April 2018 - Agenda for AGM.

21st April 2018- AGM.

27th April to 9th May 2018 - Voting on proposals from AGM.

31st May 2018 - Updated rule book is implemented.

We will be doing announcements for each stage of the process going forward so please stay tuned for updates.