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David Murdoch

Postby David_Murdoch » 13 Mar 2015, 12:30

Good Morning Everyone.

My name is David Murdoch and I live in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

I first started having an interest in Flyball in 2007 when my wife suggested that I could start doing something active with our Labrador Lily. She was already competing her in Agility and thought it would be good for me to be involved in another activity with her. We went down to our local team Cambridgeshire Canines to have a go and I instantly fell in love with the sport.
We trained hard for 6 months and by early 2008 we were running in open competition.

By 2010 I had a second Labrador called Spencer who was a rescue from Wood Green Animal shelter in Godmanchester. He took a year to train (Bless him, he is well known for being a bit dim!!) but by early 2011 he was competing in open competition as well. My son Aidan who was 8 at the time took over running Lily and went on to compete her with great success winning a division at the British Champs and the YKC Junior Flyball Comp at Crufts. Which we were immensely proud of them as a pair achieving at such a young age. (Aidan is now 13 and has his own Dog Eva who he has trained from a pup. My younger son Elliott now runs Lily. Bless her she has given joy to the whole family and taught us all so much.)

During this time my wife and I had been attending a local Dog Obedience school with Spencer and Lily. (Charlies Dog Training Centre in Soham.) and alongside the owners the talk had turned to starting up our own team. (My wife was now involved in Flyball with her other dog Maggie so as a family the Flyball addiction had set in!) So we decided to go for it and left Cambridgeshire Canines to begin the next chapter in our Flyball lives.

We advertised to the local Clients of Charlies and set up open Flyball nights for interested people and their pooches to attend. My wife Emily, Jo Clarricoates and Catherine Bridgman were the driving force behind this new venture with me on board to do the team training and advise on the technical aspects of teaching good turns and safe team racing. Thus the Funky Fido Flyballers were born. We first raced an open team in 2012 and now have 4 teams in active competition this year.

As a club we have maintained our association with Charlies Dog School which is our training base. We have an active role with the dog school and run monthly fun Flyball nights for the clients at the school to have a go with their dogs. We have sponsorship from Pro Plan and are active in the community doing regular demos at country shows and charity events.

As an individual I have a lot of experience in running a Flyball team where dog welfare is of paramount importance. We carry out thorough warm up routines for our dogs, take regular dog health checks, (Mctimony and Galen Therapies) and our handlers have attended sports massage courses showing that the club ethos is very much health and wellbeing first.

We also have a lot of young members in the Funky's who I believe are the future lifeblood of our sport and it is a joy to train them and watch as they develop into fine dog handlers and representatives of our Club. (Our 18 second team the Fidos had three handlers under 16 in it last year.) Our Junior members are also taking active roles on competition days with ring party and Judge training.

So that is me and my story so far. I want to join the committee as an active member because I believe my experience in setting up and running a progressive team could be invaluable to potential new additions to the BFA community. I have a lot of passion for Flyball and its future in the UK with a firm belief that Safe, Fun and Fair racing should be at the forefront of our future. I am also passionate about developing our young handlers in the Association who really our the key to Flyball maintaining it's popularity and success.

Thank you for reading my profile.
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Re: David Murdoch

Postby CaptM » 15 Mar 2015, 19:20

Hi we were discussing at training today how difficult it can be for new members or those who don't travel much to vote for new committee memebers, so I put my thinking cap on and came up with a question that I will post to all those standing regardless of how well I know you.

If you could only change/improve or encourage one thing within the UK flyball community what would it be and why?

Capt M
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Re: David Murdoch

Postby David_Murdoch » 19 Mar 2015, 09:01


Many thanks for your question.

I would put more work into establishing and supporting the regional sections of the BFA. As a club (Funky Fidos) we regularly set up our own Mctimony/Galen therapy sessions for our dogs as well as dog welfare courses for our handlers.
Alongside this our team captains attend seminars such as the recent Rocket Relay weekend. Which we absolutely love and is very useful to our captains to keep up to date with aspects such as ring management, effective team running orders and good, safe box turns. (Using the correct aids.)
I believe that the BFA should make this more accessible to the whole country via the regional set up. Running seminars and courses under the BFA name so it is very much association led rather than member led.
This will also lead to members feeling more supported and standards improving on race days. As well as the sport being more accessible to new members who want to learn. :)
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