Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Closing Date Class
14.04.2018 Halefield Stud, Peterborough Cambridgeshire Fenland Firestorm 16.03.2018 Limited Open
21.04.2018 British Flyball Association AGM - Lode Heath School B91 2HW West Midlands The BFA Committee 21.04.2018 Open
28.04.2018 Barleylands, Billericay Essex Wickford Waggin'tails 29.03.2018 Limited Open
28.04.2018 Newark Showground, Newark Nottinghamshire Extreme Racers 28.03.2018 Limited Open
28.04.2018 STARTERS - UNSANCTIONED Astwell Park New Farm, Syresham Northamptonshire Banbury Cross 28.03.2018 Starters
05.05.2018 Milton of Crathes, Bachory Aberdeenshire Banchory Bravehearts 06.04.2018 Limited Open
05.05.2018 Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge Kent Shooting Stars 05.04.2018 Limited Open