Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Closing Date Class
29.05.2017 Leverhulme Playing Fields, Eastham Merseyside Deva Dogmatix 25.04.2017 Limited MultiBreed
29.05.2017 Muswell Leys Farm, Willey Warwickshire Northants Falcons 27.04.2017 Limited MultiBreed
03.06.2017 Newark Showground, Winthorpe Nottinghamshire Nuneaton Flyers 04.05.2017 Limited Open
03.06.2017 Tootfest Yorkshire! Bradley Mills CBC, Huddersfield West Yorkshire The Doghouse 02.05.2017 Limited Open
03.06.2017 RSPCA Southridge, Potters Bar Hertfordshire Hotshots 05.05.2017 Limited Open
10.06.2017 Anstey Park, Alton Hampshire Flea Jumperz 10.05.2017 Limited Open
10.06.2017 Meadowmill Sports Centre, Tranent East Lothian The Flying Scots 11.05.2017 Limited Open