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PostPosted: 07 Feb 2016, 18:51
by brooksy1501
Ideal for all your flyball gear.
Measures 3ft wide by 4ft long with two added panniers each approx 7in wide by 4ft long

The panniers can easily be removed if you don't want them. The 3x4 box has a solid ply lid. There is a yellow cover that goes over the whole shebang. Plus there is a grey cover which goes over the basic 3x4 box if the panniers are removed. Both covers are laced with elastic cord which ties down to hooks on the trailer side.

There is a trailer board attached which carries all the lights etc. and onto which you would stick your own number plate.

£80.00 - Collection from Alfreton, Derbyshire or can deliver to Newark.


PostPosted: 09 Apr 2016, 17:21
by brooksy1501