BFA Rules 26 May 2014

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BFA Rules 26 May 2014

Postby jocrosswell » 12 May 2014, 19:52

To the BFA Membership,
The information below will point you to the changes that have been introduced following the 2014 AGM.
Of particular note are the changes affecting the team and divisional break out rules. There is guidance below to show examples to help clarify the implementation of the new rules.
Please read the explanation below which will refer you to all the changes introduced following the AGM.
I will be issuing copies of the rules to officials today. If you are a Team Captain, Head Judge, Qualified Judge, Measuring Official or Regional Representative, and haven’t received your copy of the rules with the changes highlighted by Friday 16 May please contact me , it may be that we do not hold your correct email details as on occasions there are some emails which do not get delivered successfully.
The revised rules will come into effect on MAY 26th (14 days from today) THE CHANGES WILL EFFECT THE TOURNAMENTS ON May 31 and June 1 (Nuneaton Flyers – Newark and Ready2Fly – Preston).
PLEASE ENSURE YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE RULE CHANGES ESPECIALLY WHEN DECLARING TIMES FOR FUTURE TOURNAMENTS. Declared times for the tournaments on 31st May & 1st June are due to be submitted on Friday 16th May.

Explanation of post AGM 2014 rule changes;
• 1.3 b) This changes the length of time served on the committee and the number of members due for re-election each year. Also to note the job description for a committee member.
• 1.3 f) This change moves the annual review and issue of rules by the committee from 1st January to the first Monday in November.
• 1.10 This details the role of Regional Representative Co-ordinator and Regional Representatives
• 1.12 This details the role of Media and Communications Secretary
• 1.15 This details the Judges Sub-Committee
• 2.1 a)iii and b) This introduces voting for all the membership either at the AGM or by secure electronic online voting or by post.
• 2.1d) This enables the review of AGM proposals by the Regional Representatives.
• 2.3 Voting – as 2.1a)iii see above
• 4.1 a) This removes the £10 deduction from racing fees, meaning tournament organisers will pay £20 non-refundable deposit per sanctioned tournament.
• 4.4 Seeding – re break out rule and declared times (see guidance below)
• 4.4 Seeding – Speed trial results allowing for teams to be formed into divisions for racing.
• 5.6 b) Enables committee agreement to be sought for measuring of dogs at alternative times to the usual sanctioned days of a Flyball Tournament
• 5.6 d) Requires ALL height dogs to have a height card by the age of 36 months OR, if older than 36 months; within the first 10 sanctioned tournaments.
• 5.17 l) refers to the ½ second break out rule – see guidance below.
• 5.17 l) change of wording to clarify where 3 break outs mean all wins will convert to losses (this used to say ‘lose all points’ – which was causing confusion)

Guidance Notes: Breakout Times
All divisional, declared times, declared faster times & declared slower times are now all subject to a ½ second ( 0.50) breakout time.
For example:
• A team that wishes to declare faster giving them a time of 18.50: their breakout time would be 17.99.
• A team that wishes to declare slower giving them a time of 20.50: their breakout time would be 19.99
• Any declared time must either be at least ½ second faster or at least ½ second slower than the Team’s seeded time.
• A team declaring a time of 19.50, with no current Seed Time, their breakout time is 18.99
• The team at top of division has a seed time of 19.50; the divisional breakout time would be 18.99.

The divisional breakout out time would be the same if the team was using any of the declared times.
For example:
• A team declares faster giving them a time of 18.30: Their breakout time is 17.79, as they are top of the division; the Divisional breakout time is also 17.79. (This would be the same for a team declaring slower or declaring for the first time)

Kind regards
Jo Crosswell
BFA Secretary
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Re: BFA Rules 26 May 2014

Postby jocrosswell » 12 May 2014, 20:18

PLEASE NOTE - The revised rules will be published on the evening of May 26th - they do not impact the Bank Holiday Monday racing as times will have already been declared for the Bank Holiday Shows.
They come into effect for racing on the weekend of 31st May.
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