CSJ Swallownest 11th / 12th May

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CSJ Swallownest 11th / 12th May

Postby cquinn-rft » 09 May 2013, 11:36

Hi everyone.

CSJ deliveries will be available at Extremes Competition at Swallownest on 11th and 12th May.

I currently have in stock the following:

Champ £11.50
Little Champ £14.50
Sooper Dooper Champ £14.50
Fit n Fast £21.50
That'll Do £12.50
Rocket Fuel £19.50
CP30 £33.75
CP21 £31.75
Go On Herbs £13.50

I will be travelling on the 10th May and my car is already fairly full with orders but if you need anything then dont hesitate to contact me on facebook, email which is cherylw82@talktalk.net or my mobile 07725 654815.

Many Thanks

Cheryl - RFT

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