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Postby Rossa » 26 Apr 2013, 11:09

is is possible to replace the current mmLoadMenus Java Script and use of poly coords to define a clickable area?.

This would make the website work on most mobile web browsers.

In addition the BFA Header Container (Admin - Data - etc) no longer works in IE10(!).


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Re: BFA Header Container

Postby frisbena » 26 Apr 2013, 15:06

A few people inc myself are now unable to click on the menu headings. Works fine on firefox I believe and also on iphones but not on IE. Pleassseee Can someone have a look at it as it's such a pain to work around!
Thanks in advance :D

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Re: BFA Header Container

Postby Ray » 26 Apr 2013, 23:49

I am very much aware of the problem with the menu options.

The menus on the BFA web site use JavaScript. As Andy says, there is an issue with JavaScript on the later versions of Internet Explorer, such as IE10. Because some malicious web sites are known to use JavaScript, Microsoft have tried to make it more secure in Internet Explorer - by stopping the JavaScript from running.

Unfortunately this means that the menus on the BFA web site might stop working.

The answer is to tell Internet Explorer that you trust the BFA web site, or to use a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

There is plenty of advice online as to how to add a web site to the "Trusted Sites Zone" in Internet Explorer – for example:

If that does not help, and you cannot get Chrome or Firefox to work, then it might be a setting in your AntiVirus software which is preventing JavaScript from running.

Looking to the future, when the new web site is developed, it will of course avoid using JavaScript.
Ray Lewis
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Re: BFA Header Container

Postby Rossa » 29 Apr 2013, 07:28

Thanks Ray,

Using a PC or laptop is not a problem, as you say just use a different browser.

It's more those times when you fancy a quick browse of the website when you are on the move, I have yet to find an android mobile web browser that works with this website.

Still, if the whole site is being over hauled that should fix it, cant wait !

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