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Postby bessamour » 15 Aug 2012, 12:12

CROSSPOSTED: WARNING!!!! A warning to all Friends in the Nottingham area: please crosspost Just seen this on a friend's status who is based in Nottingham:
all dog owners be warned, the fatal (unknown) infection that kills dogs in woodland is back, Clumber, Sherwood park/Forest, and Blidworth have all had deaths. It is on the news today and in the Evening post, and our little puppy dog Chilli nearly lost her life to it last week, THANKFULLY she made it through, and is on the mend, so please be aware and check before you go anywhere with your dog, and keep them out of the dense woodland.
Please cross-post and share with any of your doggy friends who live in or visit the Nottingham area in case they aren't already aware."
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