Fallen/broken jumps - stopping a race

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Fallen/broken jumps - stopping a race

Postby Coco-loco » 06 Oct 2012, 14:41

At what point will a race be cancelled when a jump is knocked over or broken?

I know this is down to the judge but are there any guidelines? I understand that a race will normally carry on regardless unless the judge stops it.

In training this week my dog was running after a demolition expert - he completely smashed up the jump, breaking the base slat and scattering debris everywhere so I took the decision not to run. Would a race be stopped in this case?

If a jump is knocked straight down I don't see a problem if it is still in line. If it fell at an angle would the race be stopped?

I have seen the padded top bar being knocked out several times and this doesn't hamper the following dogs' race, but if one of the slats broke but didn't fall out would this be grounds for stopping?
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Re: Fallen/broken jumps - stopping a race

Postby dancingbillie » 06 Oct 2012, 15:05

It's the judge's decision.

A few years ago, the first dog in our team knocked over a jump and it fell sideways and a slat fell out falling halfway between the fallen jump and the next one. I stopped the rest of our team from running as I considered it dangerous. The judge didn't think it was. We obviously got "NoTime" because we didn't complete, but IMO my decision to stop the rest of our dogs running was wise. I'd rather get a No Time than a possible injured dog.
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