Food in the ring during a tournament

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Food in the ring during a tournament

Postby Heather » 12 Aug 2012, 11:08

I fully appreciate the convention that food either as titbits for dogs or nutrition for handlers/officials may distract competing dogs; but can anyone point me to where it states in the current BFA Rules (2012) that food may not be brought into the ring?
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Re: Food in the ring during a tournament

Postby Lalafever » 12 Aug 2012, 21:13

:D I would think common sense would dictate.

My collies are not motivated by food preferring a tennis ball anyday, however I also have 2 greedy cockers who have recently been put off by people eating around the ring, people dropping treats is also a real pain.

Whilst judging recently I had to politely ask 4 women who were spectating to move away from the ring with their burgers as I could see dogs being put off their stride, they had positioned themselves just at the side of the box, dogs were slowing down sniffing then continuing. We had taken great pains to position the snack van far enough away from the ring so as not to distract dogs.

Food is a contentious issue, but I cant understand why someone would wish to take food into the ring. We are asked to put tidbits into sealed containers for our dogs, to prevent accidental dropping. :) Also you mention nutrition I assume you mean eg diabetes, glucose tabs and sugary drinks could help
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Re: Food in the ring during a tournament

Postby Manda » 23 Aug 2012, 02:37

Have to say - one of these days someone on the line is going to end up with my Muirne on their lap hoping for a sip of their tea.... :oops:
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Re: Food in the ring during a tournament

Postby JRTprints » 28 Aug 2012, 17:13

I rather like the Euros rules ... handlers can use treats for their dogs but all food is to be kept at the back of the ring in a sealed container. That way if anything gets dropped then it won't be distracting to the dogs that are racing.

The other alternative is to train the dog to return to a bucket (smear some sausage/cheese on the inside of the bucket before racing so that there are no treats to drop but the yummy scent is still there) & then take the dog to the back of the ring for the treat.
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